Herregards Oak

26mm Narrow stave Rustic Oak worksurface. Combining an attractive rustic finish with the thinner more modern design, pre-oiled with WOCA Natural Oil.

Rustic Oak produces a characterful finish which when combined with the striking narrow stave design creates a unique feature in any kitchen. Can be used as a utility board for end panels, window stills, shelving, desks etc - a truly versitile product.

All specifications and pictures shown are for illustration purpose only.
Solid wood worktop is a natural product, so actual product may vary.
Detailed specification will always be agreed prior to the first order.

cardboard box
Cardboard box
FSC certificate
PEFC certificate

Worktops: 3000mm x 600mm x 26 / 40mm
Breakfast bar: 2000mm x 900mm x 26 / 40mm

Other finishes and special sizes are available to customers' request

  A side Front lamella B side
Pinknots (max. 5 per running meter) max ? 5mm max ? 5mm +
Sound knots, natural wood defects (max. 3 per running meter) max ? 8mm max ? 5mm +
Natural colour differences + + +
Holes, dents - - +
Splits, cracks - - Filled
Chipped worktop - - Filled
Discolouration (metal) - - +
Rot, wormholes - - -
Heart - - +
Heart rays (medullary) + + +
Sapwood - - +
Fungus - - -
Visual glue lines 0,2 mm 0,2 mm +
Repairs Small inconspicuous repairs Small inconspicuous repairs +
Knot repairs Must be colourmatched Must be colourmatched Must be colourmatched

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