Before you start, please download and carefully read solid wood worktop's installation instructions. Downloads for all installation instructions are available in the section below.
Should you need any further information on installation of solid wood worktops, please do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail at installation(at)


Special procedures for installing and maintaining solid wood worktops

Solid wood worktops are a natural product which move with the seasons up 6mm from the front to the back. They shrink in the winter because of central heating and expand in the summer with the heating turned off with the higher humidity so always:

  • Acclimatise the worktops in the shrink wrap for 2/3 days in the area of the installation.
  • Use the slotted brackets where possible for fixing the worktop to the carcase with the slot direction from front to back with the screw positioned in the centre of the slot.
  • Tighten clockwise, then quarter turn anti-clockwise to release some tension to allow natural movement.
  • Never screw directly though the carcase which will restrict movement, if necessary you must always create a slotted hole in the carcase approx. 20mm long, inserting the screw with a washer in the centre allowing movement both ways, tighten clockwise and with a quarter anticlockwise turn to relieve tension to allow natural movement.
  • Allow expansion gaps around any closed areas such as walls or cupboards to allow natural movement,
  • Apply Woca oxidising Worktop Oil to the underside to ensure protection which also balances the worktop protection.
  • Ongoing use, never leave standing water on the surface - always wipe dry.
  • Installation of Belfast sinks require special installation and maintenance- instruction which are included with every worktop together with the standard installation instructions.
  • Solid wood worktop installation procedures are very different to laminated worktops, to allow for natural movement over the seasons to ensure a lifetime of satisfaction.

Always read the installation Instructions supplied with the worktop/B Bar prior and during installation

Complete Installation Instructions

Belfast Sink Installation

Standard Installation Instructions