Please download and follow solid wood worktop's maintenance instructions from the list of files below.
Should you need any further information on maintenance of solid wood worktops, please do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail at maintenance(at)

The pre-oiled work surface is sealed once at the factory with a worktop oil, prior to installation 2 coats of oil are applied top and bottom - 3 coats for sanded work surfaces. During installation all raw cut edges are oiled a minimum of 3 times (up to 5 with a Belfast Sink). On completion of the installation a final coat of oil needs to be applied making 3 in total if your top was pre-oiled and 4 if it was supplied sanded, finally lightly sand .

For daily cleaning we recommend a solution of warm water and a drop of washing up liquid, soak a cloth in the solution, wring out and wipe the worksurface down.
• Don’t use concentrated soap/detergent.
• Don’t allow surplus water from wet cloths, cups, plates, vases etc. to remain on the worksurface.
• Don’t use rough steel wool or rough sandpaper on the surface. If polishing is necessary, please use fine sandpaper min 240 grit or finer.
For the first year you should treat the top and accessible edges of the worktop with worktop oil on a monthly basis, not forgetting the underside of areas above a dishwasher door. Failure to do this may result in the worktop warping. When placing hot pots or pans on the worktop a heat protective mat or coaster should be used. In general use the worktop should be kept clean by wiping over with a water dampened cloth. Don’t use abrasive cleaners.

REMEMBER: never leave standing water on the surface - always wipe it dry

If you have to repair the worksurface for any reason, you can sand back a section locally and repolish/re-oil with 400 grit sandpaper.
• When pouring the worktop oil onto the worktop, always pour into one position, do not pour the oil over various parts of the worktop as this could cause staining when the oil hits the bare timber.
• Using protective gloves and clean white cloths, spread the oil evenly over the relevant section.
• When you sand the surfaces for a repair / repolish etc, always apply a little worktop oil between the fine sandpaper and the surface. This re-oils and repolishes. If sandpaper is used on its own without the oil it will sand the surface and leave a lighter mark where the older cured, hardened oiled surface once was.
• Wipe off excess oil and leave to dry before commencing next coat.

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