SilkwoodTM is our unique method of treating and finishing real wood worktops which produces an ultra smooth finish that is resistant to dirt, staining and splash resistant. WOCA penetrating oils are used as part of our trademark finishing procedure that ensures greater saturation of the wood structure with the oil which then oxidises, cures and hardens within the surface of the wood.


This is important for kitchen work surfaces as it provides protection 1mm into the wood so in the event of slight scratches the wood is still protected from moisture and marking. Due to the smooth nature of the worktop finish it is not only aesthetically pleasing to the touch but it is also hygienic, a rough wooden surface is an issue because it can collect dirt and bacteria.


Our SilkwoodTM Oil finishing procedure was originally developed for the commercial flooring market, most notably back in 2009 when the St Pancras International Rail station was renovated where 6000m2 of WOCA oiled Jatoba flooring was specified for maximum wear ability in the high traffic environment. The surface needed to be commercial wear rated, it also had to be oiled and finished quickly with a simple on-going maintenance procedure in place that could be done overnight. That technology has been adopted for our worktops with outstanding results over the past 10 years.